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Linda’s New Apartment

36 last saturaday was my first saturday off for a long time, I finally had a chance to join some family activities. My cousins Linda and Bing were having a pool party at their new apartment, there were free food, i was there. They also adopted a new dog named “cutie” it looked good enough […]

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Lauren + Philip :: Wedding

1 This was the very first wedding I second shoot for Sam Hassas. There was no warm up time between me and sam, we click like tetris pieces. We’ve hit it off ever since, much love to Sam. Lauren and Philip’s wedding was AWESOME! I covered the guys for most of the days, they were […]

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August 5, 2009 - 2:43 pm

Anonymous “we click like tetris pieces. ”

SO freakin true.

Love these Quan. You are a stud. Freakish how good your getting. Iz nervouz.

S T A L K   M E